ERCSEmergency Rocket Communications System
ERCSEmergency Response Cleanup Services
ERCSEdmonton Radio Control Society (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
ERCSElective Repeat Cesarean Section
ERCSExtended Reference Concrete Syntaxes
ERCSECM-Resistant Communication System
ERCSEast Richland Christian Schools (St. Clairsville, OH)
ERCSEmissions Reduction Currency System (Maia Maia Project; Australia)
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Full operational capability of the ERCS is 60 sets, including specialized training for 48 ERCS medical teams.
While the anecdotes from Iraqi Freedom represent real success stories, two critical patients and otherwise light casualties from a month of combat provide insufficient data to determine whether the ERCS concept can support sustained expeditionary sea-based operations.
The Marine Corps ERCS and Air Force CCATTs appear to be steps toward state-of-the-art care during en route phases of casualty management.
When launched, the ERCS missile flies an elevated trajectory over the United States, relaying the president's war plan and launch order to crews isolated from normal communications channels.