ERCSEmergency Rocket Communications System
ERCSEmergency Response Cleanup Services
ERCSEmissions Reduction Currency System (Maia Maia Project; Australia)
ERCSElective Repeat Cesarean Section
ERCSEdmonton Radio Control Society (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
ERCSExtended Reference Concrete Syntaxes
ERCSECM-Resistant Communication System
ERCSEast Richland Christian Schools (St. Clairsville, OH)
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Fortunately for Hiywot, this dependent life did not last long and she was soon able to start to engage in an income-generating activity with the support she received from the ICRC and Ethiopian Red Cross Society (ERCS).
The Court said the authority of the ERC was limited to the implementation of the CSP, and that the ERC has no power and authority to postpone the CSP's application.
While selecting the locations of ERCs, main emphasis would be their close proximity to cities and towns, he said.
"I am cautious - because like the power sector right now, if we have 18 different ERCs, it will really turn very complicated...
Whereas the move on solar energy is laudable mdash it reduces demand on the wobbly national power grid and promotes green economy mdash its implementation has been rather wanting.PROPERTY DEVELOPERSThe ERC failed to adequately engage property developers, more so after the State zero-rated duty and removed Value Added Tax on renewable energy equipment.
While, the locations to establish three ERCs at N-10 and two emergency response centres at N-70 would be decided subsequently.
The construction of ERCs would be completed within the next six months and operationalised by the end of current year.The planned ERCs would be established at N-50 Dhansar N-50 Mina Bazaar N-25 Kalat N-25 Surab N-25 Wad N-25 Koraro N-85 Nag N-85 Wangu and N-85 Hoshab.
Thus, the objective of this study was to determine whether the expression of B7-H1 on ERCs can be upregulated by the stimulation of IFN-[gamma] and to determine the role of ERC-expressing B7-H1 in preventing transplant vasculopathy in aorta allografts by using neutralizing anti-B7-H1 monoclonal antibody (mAb).
With respect to firms retaining the same auditor after emergence from Chapter 11 (b2 variable), Table 7 indicates that the ERCs are predominantly negative.
Therefore, a modified, to-the-point and relevant assessment tool was indigenously developed on the basis of constitution-practice-outcome (CPO) model which can also be used by other developing ERCs of the region.