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ERDAEnergy Research and Development Agency (India)
ERDAEnergy Research & Development Administration
ERDAElastic Recoil Detection Analysis
ERDAEarly Reading Diagnostic Assessment
ERDAEconomic and Regional Development Agreement (Canada)
ERDAEnergy Research and Development Act of 1974
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We see that most tourists also prefer shopping in this region [Marmara]," Erda explains.
1) Electrical Research and Development Association, ERDA Road, Makarpura, Vadodara, Gujarat-390 010, India
Summary: JEDDAH: During a seminar hosted by Sidra Capital, leading Turkish Economist and Strategist Erda Gercek reiterated that the Saudi currency would not be affected by the depreciation of the US currency.
The availability of ERDA funding for the purchase of an MOCVD reactor was thus critical.
Among the high guests are Archbishop Leandro Sandri, prefect of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches at the Vatican and PA[c]ter ErdA, Hungarian Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church.
The Earth mother, Erda, who rises from the stage like an enormous chrysalis, is sung by Jill Grove.
Earth" comes from the Anglo-Saxon word erda, meaning soil or ground.
She proved to be a memorable Erda, spinechilling in her vision of the doom that would eventually swamp all the protagonists in the epic cycle of four operas in the Ring cycle.
All genders in Trecartinesia are created equal, but "Mom" still has an underground sway, like Erda or Fricka in Wagner's Ring.
the director of ERDA, suggested that a prototype demonstration reactor could be readied by the mid-1980s with commercialization likely a decade later (New York Times 1975).
Ahmedabad, Feb 13 (ANI): The police custody of Valsad Deputy Superintendent of Police K G Erda, who was arrested in connection with his role in the 2002 Gujarat riots, ends today.
ERDA (Energy Research and Development Administration) Symposium Series, CONF 752425, 404 pp.