ERDCEngineer Research and Development Center
ERDCEngineering Research and Development Center (US Army; Vicksburg, MS)
ERDCEurope Regional Dental Command (US Army)
ERDCEleanor Roosevelt Democratic Club (Orange County, California)
ERDCEconomic Research and Development Center
ERDCExploratory Research and Development Center
ERDCExtended Response Data Call
ERDCEuropean R&D Center
ERDCEnvironment and Development Resource Centre (Brussels, Belgium)
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It is man-portable and weighs about 30 pounds, according to ERDC officials.
Hodo, "Numerical simulation of biological structures:Paddlefish Rostrum," ERDC TR, In review.
ERDC sponsored training for all BEBs and airborne engineer units on a new ADR kit that includes skid steer loaders with multiple attachments for cutting and paving concrete and asphalt landing strips and matting that supports C-17 airlands.
Recently, ERDC developed neighborhood scale metrics for two divisions of Bangladesh for many of the indicators of the HC framework.
McMahon has received numerous awards including a 2015 ERDC Award for Excellence in Operational Support and a 2014 ERDC Award for Outstanding Achievement in Equal Employment Opportunity.
Before using your new snow plow, check out the training video available on ERDC's website:
Reportedly, the ERDC DSRC will deploy an SGI ICE X supercomputer and an SGI InfiniteStorage 5600 high performance storage system, allowing DoD researchers to conduct crucial research at ERDC, specialising in the Tri-Service Reliance areas of civil engineering, environmental quality and environmental science.
In ERDC implementations of the SHEP model, a small library of soils is provided.
Salman Asif Siddiquiu from Educational Resource Development Centre (ERDC) who is an Educational Psychologist by profession and has several years of experience in the field of education.
Interim report 4 ERDC TR-04-4, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Vicksburg, Mississippi.
Army ERDC CERL and a NACE International-certified Level 3 Coating Inspector.
In 2010, Cray was awarded a contract to provide three Cray XE6 supercomputers to the DOD Supercomputing Resource Centres (DSRCs) at the US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) located at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, the Arctic Region Supercomputing Centre (ARSC) in Fairbanks, Alaska and the US Army Engineer Research and Development Centre (ERDC) in Vicksburg, Mississippi.