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ERDIEmergency Response Diving International
ERDIEuropean Research and Development Institutes (Mechelen, Belgium)
ERDIEnergy Research and Development Institute (Chiang Mai University; Thailand)
ERDIEnhanced Remote Defect Indicator (Cisco)
ERDIExploratory Research and Development Initiative
ERDIEarly Repolarization Deviation Index (cardiac arrhythmia research parameter)
ERDIEarly Reinjection Delayed Image (myocardial viability determination technique)
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'life tasted (sweet)'), tatig erdi barca yigitlik isim 'when I was young all my work was pleasant', bilig tatig 'the sweet taste of wisdom'.
(2.) Erdi YE, Macapinlac H, Larson SM, Erdi AK, Yeung H, Furhang EE, Humm JL.
Asli Bilgic Temel, (1) Betul Unal, (2) Hatice Erdi Sanli, (3) Seniz Duygulu, (4) and Soner Uzun (1)
This work has been funded by the Xunta de Galicia (ED431C 2016-045, ED341D R2016/012, and ED431G/01), the Agencia Estatal de Investigation of Spain (TEC2013-47141-C4-1-R, TEC2015-69648-REDC, and TEC2016-75067-C4-1-R), ERDI funds of the EU (AEI/FEDER, UE), and the predoctora' Grant BES-2014-069772.
The building was built in 2007 for Custom Built Marine and will be the new home of STI TDI ERDI Dive Centers.
In the language of the "two truths' (C, erdi) attributed to Nagarjuna, the self is both "empty" (S.
"She's being treated for malaria," Harald Wychgel, spokesman for the National Institute for Health and the Environment (RIVM), told AFP of Erdi Huizenga.