ERDMSElectronic Records and Document Management System (UK)
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The exercises yielded the EPA's functional requirements for its ERDMS. The EPA/SRA project team then turned its attention to developing integrated functional requirements for ERM and EDM systems.
The ERDMS also must process FOIA requests by querying to locate, retrieve, screen, and respond with documents deemed to be legally releasable at any point in the information object's life cycle.
Because the EPA uses WordPerfect for word processing and Lotus Notes for email, it stipulated that any ERDMS solution must integrate with these legacy applications.
The EPA identified several limitations in its existing, information processing systems that it believed any ERDMS should address.
Enterprises that have decided to adopt an ERDMS can implement their decision under a variety of system architectures.
To assess and evaluate the many available COTS ERDMS products, the project team combined the ERM, EDM, and e-FOIA requirements into master tables, functionally organized into the types shown in the first column of the table format on page 56.
An obvious benefit to a centralized ERDMS is increased information sharing--an agency can locate valuable information, re-use work products, and improve the efficiency and completeness of public responses.
Therefore, when designing the ERDMS's file structure and access controls, it is vitally important to consult with agency departments and user groups.
The EPA will implement its ERDMS in a phased approach.
The ERDMS Strategy graphic below consists of five anticipated phases of implementation.
Phase 3: Integrated System will migrate some legacy EDM applications into ERDMS and integrate other legacy EDM applications.
Phase 4: Expanded System will integrate non-EDM applications with ERDMS. The expanded system will be integrated with applications such as human resources systems, scientific databases, and so forth.