ERDPThe England Rural Development Programme
ERDPEngland Rural Development Plan (UK)
ERDPEffective Rumen Degradable Protein (dietary science)
ERDPEarly Reading Development Pilot (UK)
ERDPEngineering Rotational Development Program (Caterpillar)
ERDPEngine Room Distribution Panel (maritime electrical systems)
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The SDR-2000 ERDP is designed to support the emitter-detection and -identification functions typical of an ELINT wideband spectral-analysis platform.
The SDR-2000 ERDP is a PCI/PCI-X-based platform incorporated on a 2U Dual Intel Xeon server supporting Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES.
A redundant family farm steading was converted with ERDP funding assistance, five income streams have been developed, the business has created in total 50 new and part time jobs, and it has a projected turnover of pounds 5m by year six.
ERDP provides a framework for the operation of 10 separate but integrated schemes to provide new opportunities to protect and improve the countryside, develop sustainable enterprises and to help rural communities to thrive.
But farmers such as Mr Pittendrigh are now working hard to preserve these features with the support of RDS and the ERDP schemes.
It demonstrates clearly the links between the ERDP schemes and how one can be used to complement and support another.
The ERDP is a programme run by Defra which provides grant aid to landowners and businesses in rural areas for initiatives such as agri-environment, forestry and access schemes.
The reform of the European Common Agricultural Policy and the move away from production-driven subsidies will mean more cash flowing into the ERDP pot to pay for green farming and diversification projects.