ERDTEducational Resource Development Trust
ERDTEngineering Research and Development for Technology Consortium (Philippines)
ERDTEquipment Receiving and Distribution Team (US Marine Corps)
ERDTEscort Racing Development Team (online community)
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GHP, NSBI, ERDT, ACOA) and the rows representing respectively the expectations to introduce a new product or service, to increase sales, to hire additional staff, to invest in new facilities or equipment and to enter new markets within twelve months.
We came to the same conclusions concerning the association between familiarity with GHP, ACOA and ERDT and the expectation to hire more staff except for NSBI (See Table 4).
The results displayed in Table 6 indicate a variation of the results for the tests of the association between familiarity with GHP, NSBI, ACOA, ERDT and the expectation to enter a new market, depending on the organization and the wave.
To investigate this research question, we focused on the case study of Halifax Regional Municipality in Nova Scotia (Canada), where the four key economic development organizations are GHP, NSBI, ERDT and ACOA.
Although the results are not homogeneous across all waves, the findings indicate that the proportion of businesses that expect to enter new markets within the next twelve months is higher for the group of businesses that are familiar with GHP or NSBI or ACOA or ERDT.