ERDTEducational Resource Development Trust
ERDTEngineering Research and Development for Technology Consortium (Philippines)
ERDTEquipment Receiving and Distribution Team (US Marine Corps)
ERDTEscort Racing Development Team (online community)
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"An international scientific cooperation with Silicon Valley, ERDT had four components: first scholarship aimed to produce critical mass if research-trained engineers with PhD and Masters' degrees.
The ERDT program it aims to provide support for engineering researchers in select institutions.
The number of subjects was calculated to be at least 40 to be able to accurately identify the 30% difference in ERDT (the power of the study 90%).
Significant differences were found between the groups with regard to ERDT and the time for the eyes to be fixed at the midline (p<0.01).
In our study, we are focusing on four key economic development organizations (GHP, NSBI, ERDT, ACOA).
H1: There is a relationship between familiarity with GHP (or NSBI or ERDT or ACOA) and the expectations to introduce a new product or service, or to increase sales, or to hire additional staff, or to invest in new facilities/ equipment, or to enter new markets within the next twelve months.
Malt is known for its health benefits such as providing some essential nutrients for the body, therefore using malt in combination with naturally based fruity flavours is the perfect unique and distinctive sparkling soft drink, something trully different," Erdt emphasised.
It is the right choice when Namibians want a modern, natural, premium non-alcoholic soft drink," Erdt re inforced.
In addition to the works listed above, studies that offer a negative assessment of the Enfield congregation on the basis of Trumbull's account include Gaustad, The Great Awakening in New England, 48; Erdt, Jonathan Edwards, 76-77; and Pudaloff, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God," 48.
Boston: Beacon Press, 1968) and Errand into the Wilderness (Harvard UP, 1956), and continued by Alan Heimert in Religion and lie American Mind, From the Great Awakening to the Revolution (Harvard UP, 1966), and by Terrence Erdt in Jonathan Edwards, Art and the Sense of the Heart (U of Massachusetts P, 1980).
The participants were also briefed on other DOST-SEI scholarships, which include Accelerated Science and Technology Human Resource Development Program (ASTHRDP); Engineering Research for Development and Technology (ERDT); and Capacity Building Program in Science and Mathematics Education for the Master in Science and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) S&T scholarships.
Ona Erdt, in a session titled Make Success Your Intent, shared her journey on becoming a DDS after first becoming an RDA.