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ERECTEradication of Repulsive Evil and Corruption Team (gaming clan)
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Once again the woman pulled herself erect in her bed.
To replace timber casement windows to erect rear extension including replacement pitched roof over existing extension (alternative to 14H/2888 approved).
Using standard procedures, all men had the length and girth of their penis measured while it was flaccid and erect.
Already Jaffna Municipal Council has provided the necessary approval to the Yalpanam Sivil Samukam to erect a statute to Sri-La-Sri Arumuka Navalar Peruman near the Jaffna Post Office roundabout.
Now we have made a decision, for each sign they erect, we will erect our own.
A correspondent that Kyrgyzstan wanted to erect statues of sportsmen who wrote history.
Murderer Joe also applied to the council to erect a headstone on Rachel's grave, claiming to be her next-of-kin - and using his surname on it.
It would be helpful, in future if the council could erect signs explaining what changes might be made to our parks or trees so this could be discussed by interested parties before the event.
Struggling through what he called First Amendment "limbo," White concluded that Haskell County officials had not subverted the First Amendment by allowing a local citizen, backed by financing of "local religious leaders and church groups, all of the Christian faith," to erect the religious display on the courthouse lawn.
In little more than seven minutes, two soldiers can have the AB-1386/U, quick erect antenna mast (QEAM), NSN 5985-01-381-6341, up and doing its job.
But the thing is her nipples never get stiff and erect during sex - and I'm getting paranoid that I'm not turning her on properly.
When construction begins on the Messina Strait Bridge in 2005, the first job will be to erect two 370 meter (1,214 foot)-tall steel towers.