EREOEuropejski Rok Edukacji Obywatelskiej (Polish: European Year of Civic Education; Council of Europe)
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"If you have Hockney art works you are trying to sell, you'd want me, a buyer, to find your site," explained Morgan Reynolds, a key accounts manager for Ereo. "And with most current search methods, anything with the word `Hockney' would indeed come up--but there would be thousands and thousands of results.
Ereo's new technology advances even Alta Vista's image searching technique, although both utilize the image as the link itself to the Web site.
"Now imagine if (and starting in February, this does happen on this same search for David Hockney produced thousands of text links on the left side of the search results page, but also produced images of art (submitted by various art dealers who want to drive traffic to their site) as the image search results on the right side of that search screen," said Ereo's Marketing Director Laura Love.
"Ereo (although the user will not know it is us ...
Equally important is the commercial aspect of Ereo's new partnership with Excite.