EREPEnvironmental Record Editing and Printing
EREPEnvironment and Resource Efficiency Plan (Australia)
EREPEmergency Response and Evacuation Plan
EREPEarth Resources Experiment Package
EREPEnvironmental Record Editing and Printing (IBM)
EREPEncontro Regional dos Estudantes de Psicologia
EREPEnvironmental Radiation and Emergency Preparedness
EREPEthiopian Rural Education Project (LearningWell Partners International, Inc.)
EREPExtended Range Electronic Projectile
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Improve the efficient use of resources in business-to-business relations: the EREP recommends developing "sustainable sourcing standards" allowing companies to guarantee to their clients that all the resources contained in a product have been manufactured and used sustainably.
Resource efficiency requires a dynamic fiscal and regulatory framework, emphasises the EREP, suggesting that the EU should adopt a more coherent product policy by mainstreaming, consolidating and ensuring consistency among existing instruments, such as ecolabels, and the ecodesign directive, thus providing clearer and more trustworthy signals to producers and consumers.
Depending on who the web site belongs to, the eReps undergo a series of training sessions so that they'll be able to answer all the users' questions.