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ERESElectronic Record, Electronic Signature (pharmaceutical industry)
ERESExceptional Recreational or Ecological Significance (US EPA)
ERESElectronic Reserve
ERESEmerging Renewable Energy Sources
ERESEuropean Real Estate Society (est. 1994)
ERESEuropean Rare Earth and Actinide Society (Switzerland)
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Six long weeks were taken in these preparations, and it was close on Martinmas ere all was ready for a start.
Much struggle it cost him, anxious spirit-questionings and midnight prayings, with many a doubt and a misgiving; but the issue was that ere he had been three days in Castle Twynham he had taken service under Sir Nigel, and had accepted horse and harness, the same to be paid for out of his share of the profits of the expedition.
She had spoken with a rising voice, and a clasping and opening of her long white fingers, so that it was no marvel that ere the speech was over the skirts of Agatha were whisking round the door and the click of her sobs to be heard dying swiftly away down the corridor.
Well, bethink you that it is but three days ere you will all be gone, and Castle Twynham be as dull as the Priory.
They died they died every man; and ere their bodies were cold, and ere their blood was dried, I had become the prey and the scorn of the conqueror
Stand back,'' said Rebecca ``stand back, and hear me ere thou offerest to commit a sin so deadly
one foot nearer, and I plunge myself from the precipice; my body shall be crushed out of the very form of humanity upon the stones of that court-yard, ere it become the victim of thy brutality
But he looked across a million years, at two mad creatures who had slipped the leach of the generations and who were back in the darkness of spawning life ere dawning intelligence had modified the chemistry of such life to softness of consideration.
Borckman fumbled his next counter to Jerry's attack, missed, and had both hands slashed in quick succession ere he managed to send the puppy sliding.
Previous EREs have simulated major disruptions to global oil supplies, ranging from large-scale natural disasters to geopolitical conflicts.
Pero eres un magnifico ingeniero agronomo y el abono para las plantas que produce es excelente,
Olipas then burst angrily, spewing expletives and shouting at Eres to move away his tricycles.