ERETEconomic and Real Estate Trends (PMI Group, Inc.)
ERETEnhanced Renewable Energy Target (Australia)
ERETEntreprendre et Réussir dans l'Est Tourangeau (French professional association)
ERETEfficient and Renewable Energy Technologies
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A complete copy of the Fall 2006 PMI ERET report, a podcast of results, and an appendix that provides data for all U.
The ERET report tracks economic and housing activity in the nation's 100 biggest markets.
Ha-terumah veha-temurah: Erets Yisra'el ve-'am Yisra'el ba-'olamah ha-ruhaniy shel Rusiyah be-yamey ha-beynayim.
connect the light/ weighty distinction to the moral teaching of the Jewish Derekh Erets literature (167-79) to prove the existence of a broad Jewish tradition of moral teaching founded in humane and non-ritualistic principles and cultivated by pious Jewish hassidic groups.
Events of the past century have forced us to know where our earliest generations went to pray: the Middle Eastern land of olive oil and honey that God promised Israel in Deuteronomy (8:8), erets zeit shemen ud'vash.
Haadam ayno elah karka erets ktanah, "famously wrote Shaul Tchernikhovsky; a man is nothing but a little plot of land.
The Jesus of history, the man who was born in Erets Yisrael and lived and died as a Jew is one (in Christian dogmatic theology) with the God who is beyond all limitations of time or space.