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Sus'ets, 152; Rockinghorse, 178; See also Shaked's Hasiporet ha'ivrit 1880-1980, 188, where he distinguishes between the mother and father as signifying the diasporic and Erets Israel spirit and legacy.
There are three main parts in the book: 1) on travel and travel narratives, which concludes on medieval Jewish travelers of multiple categories, and their polyphonic writing, on the two main reasons for traveling to the holy land--pilgrimage and trade; 2) on territory and place, which deals with the encounter with gentiles in Erets Israel, and impressions of Muslim great cities Baghdad, Alexandria, and Damascus; and 3) on encountering the other, which is dedicated to encounters--travelers and local Jews as well as Jewish sects, travelers and Muslims, travelers and Christians--local and European; and with others.
Nevertheless, in the last year of his life, 1924, when his illness was advancing to its inexorable finality, when Erets Yisrael was still a desert with a few sandy towns, Kafka dreamed of emigrating with Dora Diamant to Tel Aviv to open a kiosk on Dizengoff Boulvard
The Jesus of history, the man who was born in Erets Yisrael and lived and died as a Jew is one (in Christian dogmatic theology) with the God who is beyond all limitations of time or space.
Decades of academic biblical scholarship, however, show that the biblical canon is a product of historical, political, and social forces, in addition to contempt from the Cross at Calvary, by positioning the New Testament Jesus in the context of the Judaism of Erets Israel in first century.
This was the period of Jewish national revival and the first immigrations of Jews from Eastern Europe to Erets Yisrael.
In his commentary on Parashat Masei, where the sojourns of the Jews in the desert are enumerated and the Land is apportioned, the Sfat Emet elaborates on the mystical qualities of the permanent association of Erets Yisrael with the Jewish nation.
They never fully exorcised European values and sensibilities after moving to Erets Yisra'el.
After all, denigration of the Diaspora's historical significance would seem to issue naturally from the newfound centrality of Erets Yisra'el in Jewish history among Jerusalem scholars.
Erets merivah: hariv al ha'arets bire'i hasifrut ha'ivrit (Tel Aviv: Israel Ministry of Defence, 1992); Ehud Ben-Ezer, ed.
This duality is responsible for the hybridity of the anthology as a cultural signifier: an anthology simultaneously generates a natural effect and displays its unnatural making" ("'Our Poetry is Like an Orange Grove': Anthologies of Hebrew Poetry in Erets Yisrael," Prooftexts, Vol.
Some examples: 'aphar va-epher 'dust and ashes,' sod and seter 'secret,' baqar 'cattle' and behemah 'beast,' erets 'land' and 'ir 'city,' or 'light,' and ner 'candle,' shipurim 'improvements' and shiputsim 'renovations.