ERETEfficient and Renewable Energy Technologies
ERETEconomic and Real Estate Trends (PMI Group, Inc.)
ERETEnhanced Renewable Energy Target (Australia)
ERETEntreprendre et Réussir dans l'Est Tourangeau (French professional association)
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"What we learned with Eret is that, through education, an angry young person's good essence can be shaped into treating his fellow creatures better.
Kit first took on the part of dragon trapper Eret in the second instalment of the How to Train Your Dragon series, which was released in 2014.
Eret and Ok (2014) asked for self-reported reasons for Internet Plagiarism (p.
Harington has been surrounded by the mythical creatures in his projects because recently he is the voice behind Eret, the dragon trader, in "How to Train Your Dragon 2" from Dreamworks SKG.
The second chapter to the How To Train Your Dragon trilogy kicks off five years later when Hiccup and Toothless find themselves in the middle of a battle against dragon-napper Eret and the evil Drago.
Motina--Cecilija Eret Bos (Caecilla Ehret Boos, 1859-1941) nebesulauke sunaus, mire tris menesius pries jiems atvykstant.
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In addition to the PMI index showing the risk of price declines, PMI said its fall 2006 Economic and Real Estate Trends[sm] (ERET) has examined major regional trends, as well as statistics commonly used to judge the housing market's current health and future prospects.