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During much of the time that Schwarz spent on board, he organized classes for the children and youth and taught the adults Hebrew and knowledge of Erets Yisrael.
Decades of academic biblical scholarship, however, show that the biblical canon is a product of historical, political, and social forces, in addition to contempt from the Cross at Calvary, by positioning the New Testament Jesus in the context of the Judaism of Erets Israel in first century.
They never fully exorcised European values and sensibilities after moving to Erets Yisra'el.
Nevertheless, in the last year of his life, 1924, when his illness was advancing to its inexorable finality, when Erets Yisrael was still a desert with a few sandy towns, Kafka dreamed of emigrating with Dora Diamant to Tel Aviv to open a kiosk on Dizengoff Boulvard!
See also the introductions to the following anthologies of works of literature that portray the Israeli-Arab conflict: Aharon Amir, ed., Erets merivah: hariv al ha'arets bire'i hasifrut ha'ivrit (Tel Aviv: Israel Ministry of Defence, 1992); Ehud Ben-Ezer, ed., Bemoledet hagagu'im hamenugadim: ha'aravi basifrut ha'ivrit: mivhar sippurim (Tel Aviv: Zemorah-Bitan, 1992); and Ehud Ben-Ezer, Sleepwalkers and Other Stories: The Arab in Hebrew Fiction (Boulder: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 1999).
This was the period of Jewish national revival and the first immigrations of Jews from Eastern Europe to Erets Yisrael.
This duality is responsible for the hybridity of the anthology as a cultural signifier: an anthology simultaneously generates a natural effect and displays its unnatural making" ("'Our Poetry is Like an Orange Grove': Anthologies of Hebrew Poetry in Erets Yisrael," Prooftexts, Vol.
[56] Bruno serves as a vehicle for one who was not yet born to imagine himself "over there" (erets sham).
(8.) Avraham Ya'ari, Sbelube erets Yisra'el: toldot ha-shelihut me-ha-arets la-golah, mehurban bayit sheni 'ad ha-me'ah ba-tesba 'esreh, (Jerusalem: Mosad ha-Rav Kuk, 1951).
(MIDRASH RABBAH LEVITICUS 9:3) "Derekh erets" is often mistranslated as "good manners," but the proper meaning of the above midrashic excerpt is that G-d was concerned with societal needs centuries before He instructed the Jewish nation at Mount Sinai.
Baramah makes a similar observation about the few themes repeated in Kaniuk's fiction, in his "Behipus ahar ha'ani' ha'avud," 242; Shaked confirms this approach by his observation that the sense of guilt toward Arabs of Erets Israel is pervasive in Kaniuk's fiction in Hasiporet ha 'ivrit 1880-1980, 184, 187-88, 190.
G eret's men currently languish in 13th place in the French league, but are on a five-game unbeaten run in Ligue 1, a sequence which includes a 2-1 triumph at champions Lyon and Saturday's 2-0 home defeat of Monaco.