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EREVExtended Range Electric Vehicle
EREVErziehungsverband eV (German)
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5L engine in the MY 16 Chevrolet Volt EREV, which have been described previously [3], but is operated differently in this HEV The specifications for the two engines are compared in table 3.
The specifications of the drive unit for the EREV and HEV variants are compared in Table 4.
The EREV version of the transmission is designed with an input one -way clutch to ground which allows the torque of both motor A and B to be combined during EV driving with the engine off.
The Power Inverter Module and motor stators are common between the EREV and HEV versions.
The decision to use a NdFeB motor A rotor design for the HEV application, rather than a Ferrite rotor as is used in the Volt, is explained by the difference in motor A utilization between the EREV and HEV applications.
In an EREV vehicle, the system will operate as an EV most of the time.
Figure 13 shows the motor operation in the Volt EREV, based on charge depleting city and highway schedules.