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hi medaberet kse-yes la masehu baal erex lomar, lo mekaskeset kmo eze babun-it 'she speaks when she has something valuable to say, doesn't babble like some baboon'
Shared leadership is a good predictor of team effectiveness (Erex et al., 2002; Hiller et al., 2006; Pearce & Sims, 2002).
* Erex saga Artuskappa (Saga de Erex, campeon de Arturo): Traduccion nordica en prosa del poema Erec et Enide, compuesto por Chretien de Troyes en torno al ano 1170.
L35 : 2 J Bartimore (Denbigh) 83.05, 3 D Deans (Erex) 89.38.
The Kanagawa prefectural government held bidding in April and changed the supplier of electricity to its building from TEPCO to eRex Co., whose investors include Hitachi Ltd.
EREX Corporation (Benfords) of Warwick have taken a new lease on a brand new speculative manufacturing unit of 326,000 sq ft at Prologis Park in Coventry with expansion for a further 60,000 sq ft with railhead access.
Featured teachers: Fed Mills, Robert Cafaro, Mary Ann Mumm, Craig Mumm and Erex Ofer.
A new entrant to Japan's deregulated utility market, eRex Co., will start supplying electricity to households at discount rates, company officials said Monday.