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ERFError Function
ERFEnvironmental Research Foundation
ERFEstuarine Research Federation
ERFEvangeliums-Rundfunk (Christian media)
ERFEngineering Research Facility (FBI)
ERFEmergency Relief Fund
ERFExtreme Reaction Force
ERFEvent-Related Field
ERFElectro-Rheological Fluid
ERFExtended Range Freighter
ERFEmergency Response Force (California)
ERFErfurt, Germany - Erfurt (Airport Code)
ERFEmergency Response Facility
ERFEdwin Richard Foden (UK truck manufacturer)
ERFEdge Response Function
ERFExcess Reduction Fee
ERFEncapsulated Resource File (Neverwinter Nights file format)
ERFExperience Rating Form
ERFError Field
ERFElectronic Remote Fill
ERFExposure-Resilient Function (cryptography, AONT)
ERFEstimated Repair Factor
ERFEye Research Foundation
ERFEvent Report Function
ERFEllipsoidal Reflector Floodlight
ERFEmergency Related Forwarding
ERFElectronic Registering Farebox
ERFEarth Repair Foundation (Australia)
ERFEngineering Rating Factor
ERFExternal Reuse Frequency
ERFEarly Reinforcing Force
ERFEuropean Redistribution Facility
ERFExplosion Release Factor
ERFElectronic Repair Facility
ERFEntrainment Release Factor
ERFEngine Reliability Fix
ERFExpected Recovery File
ERFEnd of Radioactive Fallout
eRFEukaryote Release Factor (nucleic acid)
ERFEconomic Research Forum
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In the setting of HIV infection, ERF may result secondary to CMV, candida, tuberculosis or even varicella zoster infection.
Although criticized for a heavy code-based focus, many ERF programs emphasized the importance of improving children's vocabulary and code-based prereading skills.
The ERF value of a microsphere calibrator is defined as the number of equivalent reference fluorophores which give the same fluorescence intensity as that of a single microsphere calibrator (6).
Lastly, the fact that ERF was intended to support "local efforts" is particularly noteworthy, in that it explicitly promoted locally created, contextually specific programs, rather than mandating "factory-model," large-scale efforts like those for which NCLB has been so frequently criticized (i.
Tyseley ERF operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and has the ability to process 23.
At summer rallies Paul drives the ERF and his son, Graham, from New Kyo near Stanley, takes the Merryweather.
A summary comment of the EFSA report on ERF study included the following:
Follow-up elements of the initial ERF would come into the disaster area accompanied by military and/or private sector resources to provide intermediate help.
The order went instead to German manufacturer MAN ERF.
FINANCIAL irregularities at Cheshire truck manufacturer ERF have forced it to close its Middlewich assembly line with the loss of 200 jobs.
Norfolk-based Jack Richard and Son Ltd recently ordered 32 tractor units from Lex Commercials of Peterborough, the main distributors of ERF vehicles serving East Anglia.
As ERF points out, "The newsletter covers many technical issues, such as the toxicity of dioxin, incinerator emissions, rising cancer rates and the intricacies of risk assessment, but it is written in plain language that anyone can understand.