ERFAEuropean Rail Freight Association
ERFAExclusive-Rights Free Agent
ERFAEmeritus and Retired Faculty Association
ERFAExclusive Restricted Free Agent (professional sports)
ERFAEndoluminal Radiofrequency Ablation
ERFAEuropean Radio Frequency Agency
ERFAEconomic Research and Financial Analysis
ERFAEnvironmental Risk Financing Associates
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After two years of petitioning the city, ERFA put together the zoning amendment that would eventually kneecap the project around the same time as the sale, but Kalikow said he didn't believe such a change could pass before his company became vested in the project.
It can hardly be a coincidence that this proposed height limited is about 10 feet below the apartment of the founder-leader of ERFA, whose views would be obstructed by the Sutton 58 project.
The idea of extending regulators' powers comes from the French regulator," explains ERFA President Francois Coart.
And perhaps in its most brazen act, ERFA has sent a letter to the Department of Buildings asking them to deny Sutton 58's request for a permit to begin construction, directly undermining the integrity of a historically rigorous and defined permitting system.
In a statement, published on 22 November, ERFA President Francois Coart expressed his impatience.
We've worked hard to create a plan that will not only maintain the character of our own neighborhood, but will potentially serve as a template for other communities too," said Alan Kersh, the president of the ERFA.
The ERFA has slammed the rail reform under way in France, denouncing a model "controlled totally by the SNCF" that will hinder the entry of firms wishing to compete with the incumbent operator.
The same day as the proposal was announced, ERFA president Francois Coart wrote to the EU's Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas about the consequences of the reform for the liberalisation of rail transport in France.
For ERFA Secretary-General Pierre Tonon, "as the opinion of the advocate-general shows, the current rules allow incumbents to have control over the network and this makes market entry for newcomers very difficult".
What ERFA wants is that all operators should be able to access the market without anybarriers.