ERFBExtended Range Full Bore (artillery)
ERFBEastern Regional Fisheries Board (Ireland)
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After all, the Leo projectiles are only scaled down versions of the Naschem Assegai ERFB 155 mm enhanced range projectiles, so the introduction of PFF to the 155 mm family should be feasible with little difficulty.
A 130 mm ERFB BB projectile marketed by Norinco can reach 38,000 metres.
At about the same time the already-mentioned SRC, then headquartered in Belgium, upset the apple cart by introducing the 45-calibre barrel and the super-streamlined ERFB projectiles with an optional BB unit to enhance ranges by a significant factor.
4) Non -Explosive Production Activities for Assembly Base Bleed Unit For Shell 155 mm ERFB (BB)
One of the main reasons is that ERFB technology has been advanced to the point where what may be regarded as the original variations from conventional projectile design (the long conical streamlined outline, the necessary and expensive bore-riding nubs and drive band niceties) have now been all but eliminated.
Most of the old carpings relating to ERFB (Extended Range Full Bore) have also all but vanished.
Norinco also manufactures ERFB projectiles, again a legacy from Gerald Bull.
Patria Vammas also developed an ERFB projectile variant for this and other locally produced howitzers, such as the 155 mm M-83 on which the 155 GH 52 APU is based.
The PzH 2000 does not currently employ ERFB type ammunition but enhanced range projectiles can be fired to 40 000 metres -- in fact, a 41 800-metre range was recently demonstrated in northern Germany, where the PzH 2000 fired the new series of `Assegai' ammunition developed by Nashem in South Africa with Rheinmetall's DM72 modular charges.
In addition to the weapon, SRC is developing a completely new family of ERFB ammunition to go with it.
For them the normal maximum range is 30 000 metres (using ERFB ammunition), and this has now become the accepted norm for future artillery designs.
The latter's STO 12 not only satisfies the preference for a 45-calibres gun, but its close ties with fellow ERT group company Expal have led to the development of a range of ERFB and ERFB-BB projectiles for use at ranges out to 39.