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ERFCComplementary Error Function
ERFCEducational Resources for Children, Inc. (est. 1994; Enfield, CT)
ERFCEbony Rhythm Funk Campaign (band)
ERFCÉcole des Recrues des Forces Canadiennes (Recruit School Canadian Forces)
ERFCEmilia Romagna Film Commission (est. 1997; Bologna, Italy)
ERFCEducational Employees Supplemental Retirement System for Fairfax County (Virginia)
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where Q([kappa], t) = expt [- [kappa]t]/[square root of [pi]Dt] - [square root of [kappa]/D] erfc ([square root of [kappa]t]).
In the meta-analysis by the ERFC (31) in 22 prospective studies involving over 90,000 individuals, the apoA-I quintile 2 proved to protect against CHD risk compared with the lowest quintile by nearly 20%.
SCHEDULE - Saturday, playing as the Highwaymen, ERFC will participate in the Maggotfest tournament at Missoula, Mont.
16QAM] [approximate] 3/8 erfc ([square root]2[[gamma].
U ~ erfc [square root of r - y/2[epsilon], [epsilon] [right arrow] 0, U ~ 2[phi]/[pi], r [right arrow] 0,
Eugene's win, the sixth straight victory for the home team in the Eugene-Bend series, closes the ERFC league season.
Recent results for ERFC include a 25-8 loss to the Bend Roughriders two weeks ago, setting up a rematch in Eugene next spring that may determine which team advances to the regional playoffs.
The ERFC "B" team finished third in the men's seven-team competition.