ERFISEmergency Response Facility Information System (Nuclear Power Plant, GE)
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Additionally, all data and functions were made accessible from any ERFIS terminal, a feature that both simplified system operation (so operators wouldn't have to worry about which terminal to use) and prevented the cluttering of valuable desktop real estate with multiple computer displays.
Operator workstations were in turn situated so that the areas of the control panel of interest remained within the same field of view as the ERFIS system displays.
All other ERFIS hardware (terminal electronics, network adapters, and printers) were concealed under desks.
One of the major features of ERFIS was to provide trending capabilities to operators.
Today, ERFIS provides a variety of graphical trending reports such as x-y plots and bar charts.
For example, while strip charts could only graph a single variable over time using a fixed format, ERFIS can graph the relationship of several variables in a variety of formats, viewpoints, or scales; in most cases, the data are available within seconds.
In the event of an alarm, ERFIS automatically switches all displays into SPDS mode, with the specific alarm data depicted in red.
When the plant trips, ERFIS automatically shifts into special archiving mode to protect the data from erasure.
ERFIS was designed to protect the data through the fifth trip.
In other instances, ERFIS has delivered faster notification of plant problems.