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ERFSElectronic Returnless Fuel System
ERFSExtended Range Fuel System
ERFSExponential Rate of Fiber Shortening (pharmacology)
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Daily heat-related mortality for each city was then calculated from the city-specific ERFs for the present day (1981-2010) and for the future (2070-2099).
Mort was calculated only for the warm season (1 April-30 September) because the ERFs were derived for these months only (Baccini et al.
For relative threshold shifts, we shifted the ERFs by 25, 50, 75, and 100% because these values cover the range of values used in past studies (Honda et al.
In the setting of HIV infection, ERF may result secondary to CMV, candida, tuberculosis or even varicella zoster infection.
The ERF operates 24/7 with its two-stream processing up to 23.5 tonnes of rubbish per hour and exporting 25MW of energy to the National Grid which is enough electricity to power the plant itself and 41,000 local homes.
The by-product of ERF facilities is a material known as Incinerator Bottom Ash.
Expression Patterns of ERFs in Response to NaCl Stress.
AP2/ERFs can be divided into multiple subtribes that include but are not limited to AP2, RAV, ERF, and DREB, according to the difference of their conserved protein domains [1].
In this study, we detected 176 ERF genes in di-haploid Populus simonii x P.
ERF proteins are characterized by the presence of highly conserved sequence.
Previous studies reported the involvement of many ERF genes in plant environmental stress responses in many plant species, especially in Arabidopsis [19-21].