ERGASErythromycin-Resistant Group A Streptococci (bacteria)
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The proposed method achieves a good performance based on all four quality metrics, i.e., ranks first for the CC, RMSE, and ERGAS. The maximum CC value indicates that the spatial distortion of the result of the proposed method is minimal.
In this edited interdisciplinary collection, Ergas, Jenson, and Michel understand motherhood as being practiced in two distinct ways: childbearing and child-rearing.
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Zasso Digital Herbicide, a platform developer for electric weed management, has agreed to an equity financing by Green Towers GmbH and Ergas Ventures LLC.
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ERGAS also called relative global dimensional synthesis error and composed by a sum of RMSE values.
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These acquisition strategy challenges include Balancing Requirements, Harnessing Technology, Demanding Commonality, Evoking Concurrency, and Encouraging Partnering (Blickstein et al., 2013; Dunne, 2011; Ergas, 2009; GAO, 2012b; Wicht & Crawley, 2012).
(2) ERGAS (Relative Global Dimensional Synthesis Error).
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