ERGEGEuropean Regulators Group for Electricity and Gas
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The annual ERGEG Status review' gives an excellent overview of gas and electricity wholesale and retail markets, consumer protection and public service obligations, security of supply and infrastructure as well as regulation and unbundling.
ERGEG, which later this year becomes the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER), promises in its 2010 work programme, to prioritise consumer issues.
John Mogg, president of ERGEG, noted that the Commission has picked up on recommendations in detailed advice given by ERGEG and financial market regulators (Committee of European Securities Regulators - CESR) in 2008.
ERGEG is consulting on questions as to coordination of the RIs by ACER and the degree to which RIs should be part of ACER's strategy to progress market integration.
ERGEG further notes that whilst all EU states have published their congestion management procedures (CMPs), a number of countries are still lacking in terms of transparency.
ERGEG is fiercely opposed to allowing consumers to stay with incumbent companies at regulated prices kept artificially low.
In its draft guidelines, ERGEG is proposing real time reporting for units with generation capacity greater than 10 MW.
It focuses on proposals and questions to stakeholders published alongside the ERGEG public consultation documents.
First and foremost, though, ERGEG recommends ensuring a long-term stable regulatory framework and reasonable rate of return for cost-efficient grid investments.
The EU-wide ten-year development plan should be built on an assessment of the obstacles to gas transit across Europe and address priority developments as well as the capacity of the European gas system to cope with emergency procedures and solidarity mechanisms," said ERGEG Vice-Chair Walter Boltz.
The Commission then assumed that the existing EU-wide industry legislation and the coordinating role of ERGEG would provide sufficient high-level guidance for the RIs.
It continues to give advice on electricity and natural gas issues (as ERGEG today) to the Commission.