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ERGSElectronic Route Guidance System
ERGSEnergy Released per Gram of Soil
ERGSEffective Resources-Gulf States, Ltd. (partnership; Texas)
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Quentin Davis, LKC's VP of Operations, added, "Beyond the known conditions clinically proven to be revealed by ERG testing, we are hearing encouraging reports from researchers who are exploring innovative new applications of electrophysiology.
A member profile is created by examining the ERGs into which the member's episodes of care have been mapped, along with the member's demographic characteristics.
This award speaks to the remarkable work being done by the passionate and dedicated members of our ERG, and the difference we are making within our company.
Aramark's six ERGs include: Young Professionals, PRIDE (LGBT), Dietitians, Salute (Veterans), Women's Business Resource Network and Impacto (Hispanics/Latinos).
We strongly encourage and invite all organizations with ERGs, BRGs and Diversity Councils who really believe that they are an essential partner in developing and implementing a strategic focus within their organizations to invest in their members by having them participate in this Conference", says Berry.
Philip Berry, Executive Director of the Association says, "This year's Top 25 recipient list includes 14 new and 11 returning ERGs, BRGs and Councils.
About the Association of ERGs & Councils The Association is a practice group of PRISM and the premier resource for diversity and inclusion professionals dedicated to increasing the impact, effectiveness and recognition of ERGs and Diversity Councils as an essential partner in developing and implementing a strategic focus within organizations.
The ERG Summit will offer the highest level of learning on topics such as the latest research on ERGs, best practices of ERGs and other core competencies for advanced leadership development.
In its second year, this is the only conference designed specifically to provide ERGs and Diversity Councils with opportunities to learn and share best practices.
In order to be more effective in their organizations, ERGs must develop a higher level of capability.
PG&E's ERGs have awarded scholarships to deserving students for more than two decades.