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ERHEagle Ridge Hospital (Canada)
ERHEaster Region Headquarters (meteorology)
ERHExternal Rescue Hoist
ERHEquilibrium Relative Humidity
ERHExtended Riemann Hypothesis (mathematics)
ERHElectrical Resistive Heating
ERHÉnergies Renouvelables Habitat (French: Renewable Energy Habitat)
ERHEnumclaw Regional Hospital (Washington)
ERHEast Renton Highlands (Washington)
ERHExcess Rainfall Hyetograph
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ERH is a closed-end equity and high-yield bond fund that seeks a high level of current income and moderate capital growth with an emphasis on providing tax-advantaged dividend income.
This line of standard equilibrium-stabilizer products can maintain ERH levels of 10%, 20%, or 30% to help protect finished drug products in bottles or tubes, or to help protect bulk ingredients (powders, capsules) in boxes or bags before, during, or after tableting or filling operations.
This paper addresses two questions regarding the role of community in ERH. First, why is community important?
Thus Firmin's use of the following metaphor in discussing the Black race and its current level of development: "When one is late, one cannot afford to dawdle en route" (EHR lvii; ERH xxxvii).
ERH said the performance follows a reorganisation of its activities and a decision to focus on core sectors.
ERH insisted their health and safety official investigated the complaints and decided the men were adequately protected.
In the ERH test, a hole is drilled into the concrete to either 20 percent or 40 percent of its depth.
Clariant's EQ-Pak packets and EQ-Can canisters are specially engineered sorbents that can act as humectants (desorbers) and desiccants (adsorbers) simultaneously, maintaining a particular equilibrium relative humidity (ERH) inside product packaging.
However, while Reishi lacks the bone marrow-stimulatory effects of Pu-erh tea extract, it has other benefits that Pu- erh tea does not, such as stimulating activities of immune circulating cells and stimulating energy production and transfer required by the frenetic metabolic activity of active immune cells.
AMY Willerton, who starred in the "I'm a Celebrity..." jungle, is backing the Exam Results Helpline (ERH) to encourage young people to make the right career choices.
I brew my own by doing a quick hot infusion of Chinese Pu Erh or Japanese sencha, and then leaving it in the fridge overnight, still with the tea leaves.