ERHAEastern Regional Health Authority (Ireland)
ERHAElectric Railway Historical Association (of Southern California)
ERHAEthiopian Rainwater Harvesting Association (est. 1999)
ERHAEast Region Hockey Association (UK)
ERHAEnergy Rated Homes of Arkansas
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The report urged the ERHA to examine the matter immediately.
While this was indicated as being available by the ERHA, Mr Cowley said this was no longer the case.
New ERHA figures showed patients living in Wicklow, Kildare and Dublin have been losing out and their treatment rates were lower than in the rest of the country.
Toni McPherson of ERHA says that to receive a rating, a home must be examined and an ERHA checklist completed.
The ERHA simply stated the reasons for her surgery's cancellation - the shortage of intensive care nurses to care for her after her operation.
The ERHA insisted the woman was only a "suspect" case.
It is now time for the ERHA and the expert committee to deal with this case effectively for the good of the public.
On Tuesday morning somebody within the ERHA made the decision to contact the IMO helpline and told us they were looking for us to deal with two suspected cases.
Dr Kiely added: "We are still awaiting definitive information from the ERHA about the final result of tests.
The contract is for employment of the newbuild ultra-deepwater drillship West Saturn, in support of the ERHA North Phase 2 project in Nigeria.
ERHA believe their cancer costs this year will be e15million, up from e10million in 2000.
And costs are rising steeply because blood products being used in many of the hospitals under ERHA control are 20 times more expensive than those it used before.