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ERHUEmergency Response Hospital Unit
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He quickly established himself in New York's Chinese music community and joined the EastRiver Ensemble, which had been founded by Julie Tay and erhu player Cao Buo'an.
2 -- 5 -- color) Hundreds of performers are part of the Chinese New Year Spectacular, including Xiaochun Qi, above, who plays the erhu, a traditional Chinese string instrument.
On some occasions the scarce frequency of usage of the terms in English can account for their inclusion as non-naturalized items, as many are pertaining to the music field such as erhu, san hsien or se; arts, mainly porcelain or some kind of ceramics, such as tou-ts 'ai or Tz'u chou; theatre characters like sheng and tan; units of measurements not adopted in western countries, such as li and shang, or terms related to philosophy and religion, such as Tao and yang.
But their Chinese counterparts, such as the pipa, shemg, erhu, zither and bamboo flute, proved perfectly capable of participating in this highly sophisticated music.
Among MUNY's list of participants is a saw player, an erhu -- a two-stringed Chinese violin -- player, several vocalists and jazz musicians, a spoon player, and a steel drum group.
The 12 youngsters danced, sang and played the two-stringed erhu, a traditional Chinese instrument.
Most of the musicians can play several instruments of the ensemble, which may include the erhu (two-stringed fiddle), various types of plucked lute, the yangqin (trapezoidal dulcimer), the dizi (transverse flute) or xiao (end-blown flute), and several types of percussion.
it blistered his mouth; they thought the tape of erhu solos was a series of spy messages; finding a bag of piki pushpinned to the door; shapes of saguaros by starlight; a yogi tries on cowboy boots at a flea market; a peregrine falcon shears off a wing; her niece went through the house and took what she wanted; "The sooner the better"; like a blindman grinding the bones of a snow leopard; she knew you had come to cut her hair; suffering: this and that: iron 26, gold 79; they dared him to stare at the annular eclipse; the yellow pupils of a saw-whet owl.
They also play a squared-off hammered dulcimer -- a yang qin; the erhu -- a two-string violin; the pear-shaped, four-stringed pipa lute; and the bamboo dizi and vertical xiao flutes.
International artists performing a Chinese classical and traditional folk program include Madame Sun Ping, the reigning Grand Dame of the Peking Opera; world-renowned pianist Rueibin Chen; and world-class Chinese ensemble L'Ensemble du Ciel, featuring instrumentalists performing on the Pipa, Gaohu, Erhu and Chinese Bamboo Flute.
While only approximately 16 percent of her students were of Chinese ancestry during the 1930s, she had all of her students of various nationality groups play instruments inspired by Chinese orchestras, such as drums, the pipa, and the erhu.
This is a rare chance for Western audiences to see the playing of ancient instruments like the guzheng, pipa, erhu and bamboo flute, with the ensemble creating a harmonious atmosphere.