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ERIEritrea (ISO Country code)
ERIEcological Restoration Institute (NAU)
ERIEarthquake Research Institute (Japan)
ERIElectronic Recyclers International (Fresno, CA and Gardner, MA)
ERIEarthrights International
ERIEquipment Reliability Institute
ERIElective Replacement Indicator (pacemakers)
ERIEleanor Roosevelt Institute
ERIElm Research Institute
ERIExchange Rate Index
ERIEconomic Reciprocity Initiative (NAACP)
ERIExcès de Risque Individuel (French: Excess of Individual Risk)
ERIEnhanced Roaming Indicator
ERIElectricity Regional Initiative (EU; est. 2006)
ERIErie, PA, USA - Erie International (Airport Code)
ERIEngineer Restructure Initiative
ERIExtended Roaming Indicator (cellular phones)
ERIEpidemiology Resources Inc. (Chestnut Hill, MA)
ERIEmbedded Running Indicator (watches)
ERIEarly Return Index
ERIEmployee Retraining Initiative
ERIEconomic Residual Income
ERIExcess Regulation Index (business ethics)
ERIEmployee Relations Inventory
ERIElsevier Realty Information, Inc
ERIEconomic Research Institute (Redmond, WA)
ERIEducation, Research and Innovation
ERIEarly Reading Intervention (education)
ERIEducation and Research Institute (various organizations)
ERIEvolutionary Retention Index
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Investments under the ERI are about creating hope and opportunity for refugees, migrants and local populations alike.
In keeping with the name change, ERI has launched a new URL for its website and online identity and branding, anchored by its ERIdirect.
ERI will begin production of antennas and make installation crews available as soon asthe FCC issues new channel assignments to broadcasters either being relocated within the UHF television band or relocating from UHF Channels to VHF Channels.
It is not obvious, however, how large-scale teacher retirements, such as those resulting from an ERI, will affect student academic achievement.
ERI processes more than 120 million pounds of electronic waste every year.
76 million and had turn around Sri Lanka's Colombo Bourse at the peak of its performance while making the ERI PLC a group that come in to rescue and acquire Sri Lanka's sick companies such as Dankotuwa Porcelain PLC (DPL), Ceylon Leather Products PLC (CLPL), Colombo Pharmacy PLC,DNH Financial (Pvt) Ltd, Enterprise Technology (Pvt) Ltd, Olancom (Pvt) Ltd, Roomsnet International (Pvt) Ltd, and South Asia Textile Industries Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.
Buyer: ERI Holdings Limited (ERI); Kelda Non-Reg Holdco Limited (AES)
Rick Stover, ERI 's Chief Technical Officer and Vice President of Sales said, "with this contract, ERI increases its project wins in Algeria to 1,220,000 m 3 /day of permeate capacity.
Shegerian said that ERI Mexico will benefit from Burillo Azcarraga Group's capital and strong multi-industry foundation in Mexico as well as Electronic Recyclers' standard-setting business model.
leida posteriormente ante una camara de television por Seanna Walsh (uno de los "miembros historicos" del ERI, de cuyos 46 anos de edad, 22 los ha pasado en la carcel por sus actividades en la organizacion terrorista irlandesa), sin duda abrio las puertas para lograr la definitiva consolidacion de la paz en Ulster, pese a la desconfianza del bando protestante, sobre todo el encabezado por el pastor Ian Pasly, tozudo enemigo de los catolicos y del ERI.
Father of a midwife in the ERI, name and address supplied
Another component of effectively managing ERI is to perform tenant surveys.