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ERIEEnvironmental Research Information Exchange
ERIEErie Canalway National Heritage Cooridor (US National Park Service)
ERIEEnvironmental Resistance Inherent in Equipment (aerospace equipment project)
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Per Capita Income Growth since 2000 Erie $28,941 in 2006 Pennsylvania $36,689 in 2006 U.
Look at growth in Erie another way, and the town is on the glide path to success, a path smoothed by the town's construction of a new library and a recreation center.
The need for the Westborough plant, originally opened in 1996 to supply the Gillette Company, declined when Erie Plastics relocated its headquarters in 2001, nearly tripling operating space.
When researchers compared results of the water quality tests to participant reports of GI and other illnesses, they found a significant trend between increased reports of GI illnesses and Enteracocci at the Lake Michigan beach and a positive, though statistically insignificant, trend for Enteracacci at the Lake Erie beach.
Personal customer service and satisfaction are the hallmarks of Hanes Erie.
As a vice president with Lincoln Metal, Jeremy's responsibilities include purchasing for the Erie Division, account management duties and logistics for the company's portable baling operation, National Recycling Services Inc.
Erie Plastics used a four level stack mold, high speed production process and advanced engineering to optimize the output of the AromaSeal.
After our experience with the Dragster, we rode other coasters and frolicked around the 133-year-old amusement park, savoring the sights and sounds of the carnival - rides, food, the beach along Lake Erie.
CATHOLIC award on behalf of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie.
Joseph's Healthcare to develop a new system in which digital X-rays would be taken in Fort Erie and transmitted within seconds to the Hamilton hospital.
The statement was made after Erie County District Attorney Brad Foulk completed a review of the handling of allegations of child sexual abuse by "less than a dozen" Erie, Pa.
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