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ERIEEnvironmental Research Information Exchange
ERIEErie Canalway National Heritage Cooridor (US National Park Service)
ERIEEnvironmental Resistance Inherent in Equipment (aerospace equipment project)
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My point here is not that the Erie decision was inevitable, but rather that reconsideration of pre-Erie precedent--in some form or another--was likely given evolving conceptions of the federal system and the nature of law.
The NLRB ordered Erie to recognize and bargain with the union for at least six more months.
The Garvey scandal broke on October 10, 2004 in a four-page story on the front page of the Erie Times-News (Palatella, 2004a), northwest Pennsylvania's largest daily publication.
"SCORE is a free and valuable resource that small businesses in Erie can rely on for counseling and training from experienced business owners," said Amber O'Neil, Northwestern Pennsylvania board member.
The Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee announced findings of the carp population downstream in the Wabash River, which leads to the Maumee River and Lake Erie. Despite locks and electric barriers meant to keep the invasive species from entering the Great Lakes, certain fish have made it through.
Stuckey began a project to inventory the flora of the Erie Islands (Figure 1) continuing the studies of Moseley (1899), Pieters (1901), Dodge (1914) and Core (1948).
The children have not been formally identified, but the Erie Fire Department says the dead range in age from eight months to seven years.
One way Erie is doing this is with its Health-Ownership Model.
d/b/a Erie Press Systems (Erie Press), headquartered in Erie, Pennsylvania, the company said.
ParkOhio (NASDAQ:PKOH) has reached an agreement in principal to acquire EFCO Inc d/b/a Erie Press Systems (Erie Press) based in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA, the company disclosed on Wednesday.
The company credits its existing relationship with Erie Insurance(r), its integration in the Erie community and the overwhelmingly positive response from local leaders as key drivers for selecting northwest Pennsylvania as the location.
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