ERIISEnvironmental Risk Information and Imaging Services
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In addition to ERIIS, the GeoSure family includes National Research Center (NRC), one of the country's oldest flood zone determination companies, and NRC Insurance Services, Inc.
GeoSure company headquarters will be located at ERIIS in the metropolitan Washington, D.
Designed for use by consultants, engineers, lenders, investors, legal officers, government agencies and private companies, the ERIIS Facility Profile Report provides detailed Federal and state regulatory agency information on a company's compliance status with environmental regulations.
The ERIIScan Report consists of five to six pages of information obtained by ERIIS from federal and California regulatory databases of known or suspected hazardous sites.
We're delighted with this new relationship," said Patrick McDevitt, General Manager of ERIIS.
Now users can electronically send ERIIS a spreadsheet containing information regarding the sites, and ERIIS converts it so that all requests are delivered back at once.
The ERIIS warranty eliminates some of the uncertainty associated with a variety of elements involved in preliminary site investigations.
The Microsoft Network ERIISMap provides fast, convenient and inexpensive access to environmental property information that every home owner or home buyer should review," said ERIIS President Dan Prickett.
ERIIS provides a complete array of services to more than 3,600 lenders, engineering companies, legal firms, appraisers, insurance and real estate brokers across the country.
ERIIS now will offer AIC's highly regarded on-line environmental information service to a wider national market, while still providing its own extensive line of environmental risk information.
The stepONE system Environmental survey developed by ERIIS and Halcyon includes an ASTM Transaction Screen Questionnaire, which is specially designed to satisfy Federal Superfund due diligence requirements in regard to screening certain types of properties for environmental contamination on or near the property site.
In the past two years, mandates for environmental risk property assessments from lenders, state governments and standards-setting organizations, in addition to the company's ongoing improvements in its delivery systems, products and marketing efforts, have sparked ERIIS dramatic growth.