ERIISEnvironmental Risk Information and Imaging Services
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The ERIIS Facility Profile Report can answer the environmental regulatory compliance questions that a company may have when pursuing a new business opportunity.
Whether you're acquiring or merging with another company, performing ongoing facility compliance reviews, tracking or monitoring hazardous waste shipments, conducting site selection research, or performing due diligence for commercial property or business loans, The ERIIS Facility Profile Report can get you the information you need to protect your assets and investment," continued Prickett.
Although the initial phase of this non-exclusive program is limited to New England sites, EnviroCheck and ERIIS plan to bring six Midwest and West Coast states on-line by the third quarter of this year.
Based in Herndon, Virginia, ERIIS is an eight-year-old, privately held environmental due diligence property information publishing company.
0 is greatly expand the capabilities of the system so that you can now order all of our ERIIS products.
Because it's transportable on a notebook PC, users can take it with them and access ERIIS reports in an airport, hotel or even on-site.
For an additional $29 with the purchase of an ERIIS regulatory records report, users receive liability protection against contamination to the subject property as well as adjacent properties caused by an unknown or unreported government record.
The Microsoft Network ERIISMap provides fast, convenient and inexpensive access to environmental property information that every home owner or home buyer should review," said ERIIS President Dan Prickett.
ERIIS provides a complete array of services to more than 3,600 lenders, engineering companies, legal firms, appraisers, insurance and real estate brokers across the country.
ERIIS now will offer AIC's highly regarded on-line environmental information service to a wider national market, while still providing its own extensive line of environmental risk information.
The stepONE system Environmental survey developed by ERIIS and Halcyon includes an ASTM Transaction Screen Questionnaire, which is specially designed to satisfy Federal Superfund due diligence requirements in regard to screening certain types of properties for environmental contamination on or near the property site.
In the past two years, mandates for environmental risk property assessments from lenders, state governments and standards-setting organizations, in addition to the company's ongoing improvements in its delivery systems, products and marketing efforts, have sparked ERIIS dramatic growth.