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ERILEquational Reasoning: An Interactive Laboratory (interactive laboratory)
ERILEntreprise de Remplacement d'Infirmiers Libéraux
ERILEconomic Research India Ltd. (est. 2000; Mumbai, India)
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As such, on 5 June 2014, ERIL entered into a placing agreement with First Shanghai Securities Limited (the "Placing Agent") pursuant to which the Placing Agent agreed to place, on a best effort basis, 28,850,000 Shares (the "Placing Shares") for ERIL at a price of HK$2.
ERIL will provide a European platform for established European business along with access to other EU members.
In addition to sharing infrastructure and control systems ERIL also is protected by a guaranty agreement issued by lead operating company, Everest Reinsurance (Bermuda) Ltd.