ERIOEuropean Roma Information Office
ERIOEuropean Research and Innovation Office (University College London; UK)
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The affirmation of ratings of ERio reflects the serious fiscal imbalances the state still has.
In this story, three different Romani people are interviewed including Ivan Ivanov, the Executive Director of ERIO. Ivanov states:
This process would involve EU institutions, as well as each Presidency of the Union, and probably high-level representatives from each member state, intergovernmental organisations and NGOs, such as ERIO.
For her installation entitled The Roma Question, Ostojic conducted intensive research in the Slovakian capital of Bratislava following a petition from ERIO, the European Roma Information Office in Brussels, which called for van der Linden's removal on account of his controversial statement.
Mi fues i'n ei sychu hynny fedrwn i o dan y sychwr dwylo, ac mae o wedi bod yn fy nghwpwrdd erio ers deuddydd.
First-time qualifiers for this year's National Bagcats Championships were George Flesher, Jamie Brown, Daniel Val erio and Harmonie Waterman.
Erio Ziglio, Head, WHO European Office for Investment for Health and Development (; Dr Candace Currie, Director, Child and Adolescent Health Research Unit, University of Edinburgh (; and Vivian Barnekow Rasmussen, Technical Advisor, Promotion of Young People's Health, WHO Regional Office for Europe (
Solo all'ippodromo, pero, io continuo a dare ii mio meglio e a concentrarmi davvero, accanto all'impeccabile competenza tecnica di Giulio Luppi o a quella piu ruspante di Erio e di Giorgio, i sopravvissuti della mia compagnia storica di scommettitori, tutti "andati, rassegnati o soddisfatti," per dirla con Francesco Guccini, che tuttavia non disapprova affatto la mia scelta di scommettere solo negli occhi pervinca di Ottavia, la piu magnetica e affascinante delle ragazze del totalizzatore, cosi profondi quando e triste e cosi accesi, nei guizzi piu rari di ilarita.
If it doesn't touch the bottom, that contribution to the vibration is canceled," says Erio Tosatti of the International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste, Italy, a coauthor of the new road-friction report.