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ERISAEmployee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974
ERISAEuropean Regional Information Society Association
ERISAEastern Regional Indoor Sports Arena
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One of the measures that Congress implemented in ERISA to safeguard employee benefit plans and to prevent abuse by employers is the statute's anti-retaliation provision encompassed in Section 510.
31) This Note contends that the anti-retaliation language of Section 510 of ERISA is limited to external complaints only, and, therefore, that Section 510 is consequently narrower in scope than the more expansive protection afforded under Section 704 of Title VII.
In other words, as the plan advisor, a deep understanding of ERISA is less important as long as you help your client:
In the context of ERISA, a plan fiduciary must act as a "prudent 401 (k) expert," making informed decisions in the best interest of all affected employees.
BASE ERISA Wrap allows employers to fulfill the DOL's SPD and Plan document mandates.
Interpretive Bulletin 2015-02 addresses certain specific program designs that are outside of the safe harbor, suggesting arguments that could be made against ERISA preemption challenges to state laws creating these programs.
The DOL noted that the marketplace could include both ERISA plans and non-ERISA savings programs, and that ERISA coverage would be determined based on the nature of the plan chosen and the employer s involvement.
The compliant ERISA and PPACA appeals and litigation are the only way to protect a hospital or healthcare provider from filing bankruptcies, explained Dr.
clear that ERISA prohibits corporation X from firing or otherwise taking
On the other hand, a program offering only referral services is probably exempt from ERISA, because it does not "provide" medical or other welfare benefits.
Many, many whistleblower complaints are unsolicited," he notes, "and few employees will know they need to generate an inquiry or proceeding before their whistleblowing would be protected under ERISA.