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ERKExtracellular Signal-Regulated Kinase
ERKExtracellular Receptor Kinase
ERKEverett Raymond Kinstler (painter)
ERKElectronic Records Keeping
ERKExchange Roller Kit (Canon desktop scanner part)
ERKExternally Regulated Kinases
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We next examined ERK phosphorylation, the PDGFR/ERK signaling activation marker, and found that inhibiting PDGFR CF also blocked ERK phosphorylation [Figure 5].
The results showed that there was no significant difference in the protein and mRNA levels of ERK in the [MPC.
The Protective Effect of Ghrelin Is Mediated by Increasing ERK Activation and Decreasing p38MAPK Expression after Dexamethasone Treatment.
Downstream of PKC, a role for the MEK, ERK pathway [54] and for NF-[kappa]B [41] in PMA-induced NET formation has been suggested.
The rats were injected intravenously with saline (CA group) or ERK inhibitor PD 0.
Influence of MAPK inhibitors on B7-H1 protein expression caused by HCMV infection: Media containing HCMV with different inhibitors of MAPK (JNK inhibitor- SP600125 ERK inhibitor-U0126 P38 inhibitor-SB203580) were added to HPT-8 cells.
Jonathan Goke from Stem Cell and Developmental Biology at the GIS said, "The ERK signaling pathway has been known for many years, but this is the first time we are able to see the full spectrum of the response in the genome of stem cells.
Activation of ERK during DNA damageinduced apoptosis involves protein kinase CS.
Intriguingly, it has been demonstrated that phosphorylation levels of ERK exhibit circadian variations in several tissues including the mouse SCN, the rat pineal grand, the hamster SCN, the chick pineal grand and retina, and bullfrog retina.
This license agreement will develop and commercialise Ardea's mitogen-activated ERK kinase (MEK) inhibitor compounds for cancer and other indications with Bayer.
It is thought that KRAS mutant cancers are resistant to tyrosine kinase inhibitors because the mutant KRAS protein can directly activate ERK and PI3K signaling.