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ERK1Extracellular-Regulated Kinase 1
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Levels of phosphorylated ERK1 in HK-2 cells were obviously raised after exposure to LPS for 2, 6, and 12 h by 62%, 162%, and 254%, respectively.
a) Phosphorylated forms of NF[kappa]B, (b) ASK, (c) ERK1, and (d) ERK2 were evaluated by western blot analyses.
ERK1 is important for Th2 differentiantion and development of experimental asthma.
Rhamm-/- fibroblasts are defective in CD44-mediated ERK1,2 motogenic signaling, leading to defective skin wound repair.
Pluripotin appears to simultaneously block the activity of the proteins RasGAP and ERK1, both of which have cell differentiation inducing activity.
PD 098059, an inhibitor of ERK1 activation, attenuates the in vivo invasiveness of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma.
Apparently, PiMA elicits these effects by virtue of its ability to inhibit the activities of NF-[kappa]B, ERK1 /2 and p38 (Kang et al.
Immunoblotting analysis of liver lysates demonstrated that phosphorylation of ERK1 /2 shows diurnal variations, peaking at zeitgeber time (ZT) 6 (light-on at ZT0 and light-off at ZT12) (Fig.
Tissue kallikrein alleviates glutamate-induced neurotoxicity by activating ERK1," Journal of Neuroscience Research, vol.
Compared with the control, the expressions of ERK1, ERK2, p90RSK, ZO-1, claudin-1, occludin mRNA increased 85%, 195%, 47%, 29%, 120%, and 54% respectively in the 10 nmol/L GLP-2-treated group and 301%, 747%, 883%, 59%, 251%, and 142% respectively in the 100 nmol/L GLP-2-treated group while the abundance of total ERK1/2 protein was unchanged (p>0.