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This article is the result of AHRI's Air Control and Distribution Devices committee (ACDD) determining the need for a document detailing the change to include ERL.
The proposed BMRE project will be installed in the existing ERL area.
ASHRAE ERL Values for Duct Terminated in Free Space End Reflection Loss, dB Duct Diameter, in.
According to Volkswagen, the renovated bus contains projects developed by ERL engineers and external partners that explore design concepts for tomorrow's cars.
increase for Cyracure and ERL Cycloaliphatic epoxides in Asia Pacific, Latin America and North America and 350 [euro]/MT in Europe; $0.
Products: Cyracure[TM] and ERL cycloaliphatic epoxide resin
Since iSCSI can be implemented at the software layer, existing servers can be upgraded with off-the-shelf iSCSI software with ERL 2 support allowing them to become a member of the SAN.
London-based Canadian heldentenor Alan Woodrow is currently learning the role of Tristan for performances at the Tiroler Festspiele in Erl, Austria, in July, with subsequent engagements slated for the State Opera of South Australia in Adelaide and Theatre du Capitole in Toulouse.
e2v klystrons, chosen on the basis of their high signal gain and high output power, will provide the microwave energy used to accelerate the beam in the injector stage of the test ERL.
Then it stopped in front of a house in the 23400 block of Dolorosa to play a special request: ``Happy Birthday'' to Erl Nelsen, who turned 90 on Wednesday.