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ERLExpress Rail Link
ERLEcho Return Loss
ERLEnvironmental Research Laboratory
ERLEnergy Recovery Linac
ERLEmergency Response Location
ERLElectronic Radiology Laboratory (Washington University School of Medicine; St. Louis, MO)
ERLElectronic Resource Library
ERLEnergy Research Laboratory
ERLEnvironmental Radiation Laboratory
ERLElectronic Receipt Listing (aka Batch Detail Control Listing; Connecticut General Life Insurance Company)
ERLExternal Reuse Level
ERLEarth Resources Library
ERLEquipment Removal List
ERLEquipment Requirement List
ERLEuropean Requirements List
ERLEmergency Reference/Response Level
ERLEquivalent Series Inductor
ERLEasun Reyrolle Limited (India)
ERLExpeditionary Readiness and Logistics
ERLEstimated Remaining Life
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Determining and minimizing random and experimental errors was paramount in obtaining precise and accurate ERL results.
This 10 GbE iSCSI SAN illustrates ERL 2 iSCSI performance at 10 Gbits/s (Fig.
Erl, a retired CPA, was reading his newspaper in the living room at 3:45 p.
In a statement yesterday, ERL said: 'England Rugby Limited can confirm it has received notification that Rotherham's legal proceedings against ERL and Worcester, scheduled for August 25, have been adjourned until further notice.
The ERL is interpreting the rules in an arbitrary way that I'm opposed to and in a way that is likely to end up in a High Court case ``They are trying to set up a franchise system for a few select clubs that would affect Orrell, Liverpool St Helens and other small teams that aspire to Premiership status.
However, Rotherham remain convinced that precedent should be observed by the ERL when considering Worcester's application.
While we understand the feelings of Worcester players and supporters - as we were in a similar situation two years ago - what we really want now is some clarification from ERL on the position for next season.
Partly because of the limited battery life of most laptops, however, ERl tasks will mostly be defined by whatever sounds like fun.
It is inventions such as the ERL that we spearhead in-house that push us to be the central infrastructure for encoding, hosting, and streaming music to websites worldwide.
The 57km ERL will provide a premium 24-hour rail link service between Kuala Lumpur city centre and the new KLIA.
To activate linking, direct Internet access is required, along with ERL Release 4.