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ERLAEarly Retirees Legal Action
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All five of Max's and Erla's grandchildren had been married for more than one year by the time Erla died in 2003, but only one was not deemed deceased under Max's beneficiary restriction clause.
The picture was taken sometime between 1940 and 1942," says Erla.
Erla Hendriksdottir fired the ball to the near post but Faerseth side-footed it wide from close range.
When Erla died in March 2005, Ed wanted to create a scholarship in memory of his wife of 62 years.
Erla Osk Arnardottir Lillendahl planned to spend a few days in New York shopping and sightseeing, but she was arrested upon arrival at JFK International Airport.
Icelandic Bryndis Erla Hjalmarsdottir animates her taxidermied animals.
Survivors include seven daughters, Neva Baird, Myrna Buss, Erla Squire, Darla Lauzon and Ronda Prewitt, all of Springfield, Elva Townley of Pleasant Hill and Velda Hysell of Albany; three sons, Darrel of Dexter, Royce of Prineville and Tracy of Springfield; a brother, Loren Myers of Cottage Grove; a sister, Erma Green of Eugene; and 41 grandchildren, 80 great-grandchildren and 21 great-great-grandchildren.
Erla Copeland, 79, of Grosvenor Crescent, died January 11, 1996; Lillian Cullen, 77, of Foxholes Road, died May 30, 1998; Valerie Cuthbert, 54, of Daisy Bank, died May 29, 1996; Elsie Dean, 69, of Wood Street, died January 8, 1997; Joan Dean, 75, of Joel Lane, died February 27, 1998.
BOSTON - 2003-2004 WINNERS Alphabetical Order Christopher Acosta Bunnell High School Stratford, CT Grade: 12 Jeremy Freeman Rockville High School Vernon, CT Grade: 12 Ainsley Hutton Nonnewaug High School Woodbury, CT Grade: 12 Emily Iwan Avon High School Avon, CT Grade: 11 Sarah McKay Coventry High School Coventry, CT Grade: 9 Brittany Minkus Avon High School Avon, CT Grade: 11 Brian Renke Sharon High School Sharon, MA Grade: 11 Adam Seabury Weymouth High School and Voc Tech Weymouth, MA Grade: 12 Erla Shehu Beverly High School Beverly, MA Grade: 12 Emma Sousa Coventry High School Coventry, CT Grade: 12 Natalie Springmeyer Nonnewaug High School Bethlehem, CT Grade: 12 Shannon Stroebel Avon High School Avon, CT Grade: 12
The announcement of the inquiry came on the day another unlawful killing verdict was recorded by South Manchester Coroner John Pollard, on one of Shipman's patients, 79-year-old Erla Copeland, found dead after being treated by the doctor in January 1996
They were Amy Whitehead, 82, Nellie Mullen, 77, Bertha Moss, Edith Brock, 74, Hilda Hibbert, Erla Copeland, 79, Marjorie Waller, 79, and Edith Brady.