ERLCEleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee
ERLCExport Revolving Line of Credit
ERLCEuropean Research Libraries Cooperation (publication)
ERLCEthics and Religious Liberties Commission
ERLCEuropean Retail & Leisure Council
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localizo en 70 % la rama del ERLC distal a la rama del musculo braquiorradial.
mencionaron que el area de inervacion para el musculo ERLC es 5 veces menor, en comparacion con el musculo ERCC.
Laurie Cardoza-Moore, who runs a right-wing group called Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, attacked Moore for allowing the ERLC to sign on to a legal brief supporting the right of Muslims in New Jersey to open a mosque without meeting onerous conditions that were not applied to other religious groups.
[[summation].sup.N.sub.i=1][[summation].sup.T.sub.j=1][q.sub.i[]X.sub.ij] + [d.sup.-.sub.3] - [d.sup.+.sub.3] = ERLC. (13)
Strategy plans Difference between Strategy RELC and the risk of existing portfolio Selecting projects which their risk ERLC is lower is lower than ERLC and also they should be had considerable profits Minor differences Selecting projects which their risk is equal to ERLC Selecting projects which their risk ERLC is higher is higher than ERLC and also they should be had considerable profits Table 3.
In an ERLC, the SBA guarantees 85% of the loan up to a maximum of $750,000.
Number of Mean nerve width (mm) branches PTM branch 1-3 (n: 30) 1.5 [+ or -] 0.6 (n: 14) AIN 1 (n: 30) 1.7 [+ or -] 0.5 (n: 14) AIN branch to PQ 1 (n: 30) 1.0 [+ or -] 0.4 (n: 14) PIN 1 (n: 30) 3.0 [+ or -] 0.5 (n: 30) ERLC branches 1-2 (n: 30) 1.5 [+ or -] 0.6 (n: 30) ERCC 1 (n: 30) 1.4 [+ or -] 0.7 (n: 30) Mean nerve length (mm) PTM branch 4.0 [+ or -] 1.2 (n: 14) AIN 3.5 [+ or -] 1.0 (n: 14) AIN branch to PQ 9.5 [+ or -] 2.5 (n: 14) PIN 6.5 [+ or -] 2.5 (n: 30) ERLC branches 2.5 [+ or -] 1.0 (n: 30) ERCC 5.5 [+ or -] 2.5 (n: 30) Table II.
El musculo extensor radial largo del carpo (ERLC), se encuentra parcialmente cubierto por el musculo braquiorradial (BR) (Fig.
El ERLC a nivel del tercio distal del antebrazo es cruzado superficialmente por el musculo abductor largo del pulgar (ALP), el musculo extensor corto del pulgar (ECP) y el musculo extensor largo del pulgar (ELP).
"It is in this environment," says the newspaper, "that Southern Baptists have a significant presence through the ministry of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC).
According to the ERLC Web site, the unit takes stands on legislation and pushes for the confirmation of Bush court appointees.
Recently there appeared on the ERLC website a sermon that listed a Denver girl being denied her right to read her Bible in school along with the story of a Chinese house pastor who was dragged from his home and beaten to death.