ERLMEnterprise Role Lifecycle Management
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Currently, the ERLM can be produced for less than $ 15 per unit.
Operation of the ERLM is enabled by cell phone and mobile money transaction, removing the need for a microfinance institution between the seller and the buyer and thus reducing the cost to the EvaKuula customer.
Caption: The author (from left) and the design team (William Rittmeyer, Tyler Shiflett, Linrun Mao, and Breanna Leonard) with a quarter-scale mockup of an EvaKuula, with the EvaKuula Remote Locking Mechanism (ERLM) mounted on the front top.
ERLM seeks to rectify that, presenting an opportunity for enterprises to reduce their financial risk while also delivering better deals that make sense both for them and their customers.
The first step toward facilitating effective ERLM is to ensure that the enterprise embraces a corporate culture that actively encourages teamwork and transparency.
For that reason, ERLM must have eyes across the entire organisation.