ERLPEnergy Recovery Linac Prototype (4th Generation Light Source; photon facility; UK)
ERLPExercise-Related Leg Pain
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However, the newest weapon is the XRGL40, which is chambered not only for the 40 x 46-mm low-velocity grenades but also for the 40 x 51-mm ERLP (Extended Range Low Pressure) rounds.
9 kg Length 756/676 mm 725/645 mm 740/640 mm Barrel length 290 mm 260 mm n/a Calibre 40 x 46 mm and 40 x 46 mm 40 x 46 mm 40 x 51 mm ERLP Magazine rotating drum rotating drum rotating drum N.
As amazing as it may sound, due to its new ERLP munition, a company official said that it could replace a 60 mm mortar at that range arguing that a 60 mm has a useful range of 1000 to 1500 metres, adding, <<and that in this case of attack, a grenade launcher is needed in any case, so you no longer need to carry a mortar--and a battle dress can carry 36 rounds>>.