ERLSEnvironmental Reporting Logistics System (EPCRA reporting for Defense Logistics Agency)
ERLSEastern Recreation and Leisure Services (Australia)
ERLSExternal Rotation Lag Sign
ERLSEvolution and Reuse of Language Specifications for DSLs (Domain-Specific Languages)
ERLSElimination of Radioactive Light Sources
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03..04 both, (a) the rewrite-order [1] rew_ord and (b) the rule-set erls are trivial here: (a) the rules in 07..12 don't need ordered rewriting and (b) the assumptions of the rules need not be evaluated (they just go into the context during rewriting).
The ERL is responsible for managing the Library's electronic products.
The ASHRAE ERL values do not correspond to analytic values, as is evident from consideration of Table 9, which lists the analytic band-averaged ERLs presuming pink-noise and the corresponding ASHRAE ERL table values for flush and free-space terminations.
The measurement models were tested on the full dataset by using the ERLS approach in the EQS 6.1 program (Bentler 1995).
Most, if not all, of the early iSCSI products on the market only included the first level of error recovery (ERL 0) and did not include the feature sets of Error Recovery Levels one and two (ERLI, ERL 2).
Elliptical reweighted least squares (ERLS) estimation in EQS provides evidence for model fit (see Sharma, Durvasula, and Dillon, 1989).
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The model was estimated by the elliptical re-weighted least squares method (ERLS) using the EQS software (Bentler, 1992).
Beginning with Schussel's iterative adaptation of the single-item ERLS model and extending through to present day, efforts to develop better MSPP heuristic techniques can be typified as efforts to render established single-item techniques appropriate for multiple-stage environments.
Erls Fenwick: "Northern powerhouse - so basically it'll all get directed to Manchester, anywhere but the true 'north'.
The Environmental Reporting Logistics System's Green Procurement Report (ERLS GPR) tracks green items purchased via the DLA or GSA stock system.