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ERMEnterprise Resource Management
ERMEnterprise Risk Management
ERMEnvironmental Resources Management
ERMExchange Rate Mechanism (finance)
ERMETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) Committee on EMC and Radio Spectrum Matters
ERMEmployee Relationship Management
ERMEuropean Exchange-Rate Mechanism
ERMEnterprise Rights Management
ERMEnterprise Relationship Management
ERMEntity Relationship Model
ERMEnterprise Report Management
ERMEnterprise Report Management (aka Computer Output to Laser Disk, COLD)
ERMEpiretinal Membrane
ERMEuropean Restructuring Monitor
ERMEcole Royale Militaire (Belgium)
ERMEmpirical Risk Minimization
ERMExact Repeat Mission
ERMExtended Range Munition (Army/Navy)
ERMEmployee Resource Management
ERME-Business Relationship Management
eRMe Reuse Methodology (Verisity)
ERMEarth Radiation Mission (ESA)
ERMElectronic Relationship Management
ERMEngineering for Reduced Maintenance
ERMElevation Reference Mark (US FEMA)
ERMEnvironmentally Responsible Manufacturing
ERMExplicit Rate Marketing (Stratacom)
ERMEnvelope Reflectance Meter (US Postal Service)
ERMEn-Route Metering
ERMEddy-Resolving Model
ERMElectronics Records Management
ERMExtension, Renovation and Modernization (India)
ERMEstrada Resign Movement (political group in the Philippines)
ERMEstrogen Receptor Methylation
ERMEnterprise Reward Management
ERMExploitation Requirements Management
ERMExtended Reliability Model
ERMEvent Report Manager (GDMO)
ERMEnfants Refugies du Mondes (French)
ERMEmpowerment Recovery Model
ERMEmail Resource Management
ERMEvents Resourcing Model
ERMExternal Relationships Management
ERMElectronic Referral Manager (healthcare software)
ERMEffective Resource Management (various locations)
ERMEdward R. Murrow (journalist)
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In these situations, the best path to successful ERM may be to start by instilling some rigor and technology for electronic document management and control at the departmental level.
WORLD leading sustainability, environment and risk consultancy ERM is expanding its operation in Wales, with the aim of doubling in size over the next two years.
By viewing ERM as more than merely an identification, risk-sharing or even management-control exercise, organizations gain a deeper understanding of the strategic risks that can mean the difference between survival and extinction.
Admittedly, predictions about the progress and the promise of enterprise risk management often have proven overly optimistic, but there's plenty of evidence to suggest that ERM really has reached an inflection point in its development as more companies and boards push to adopt the strategy as a way to approach risk in a holistic way.
For an ERM program to deliver all its potential benefits, the SOA recommends that companies take the following steps:
Evaluation of ERM effectiveness is in the early stages of maturity.
Trendsetters (13% of respondents) consider ERM in the strategic planning process and have highly-integrated programs.
So although these branches all come from a common trunk, the diversity of perspectives has made ERM implementation more daunting.
Consider, for example, the observations of ERM pioneer James Lam, president of James Lam & Associates, a consulting firm in Boston, whose comments echo those of many other long-time members of the risk management community.
Where ERM is committed to a thorough documentation of risk and the responses or controls tied to those risks, RPM's focus is to find where risk management effectiveness breaks down.
St Baker has said that ERM, which provides power to a variety of big companies, including the industrial and government customers, was on the right track to duplicate the revenue share in its grasp when it publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in December of the previous year.