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ERMAEnvironmental Risk Management Authority (New Zealand)
ERMAElectronic Recording Method of Accounting
ERMAEntertainment Resources & Marketing Association
ERMAEmergency Refugee & Migration Assistance
ERMAEasily Recognizable Military Acronym
ERMAEnvironmental Resources Management Australia (Australian Parliament)
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Over the past five years, an average of $50-60 million in ERMA funds have been expended annually to address urgent and unforeseen needs, and similar levels of drawdowns may be expected in FY 2008 and FY 2009 depending on humanitarian needs and additional population displacements.
Antonius Alijoyo, Chairperson of ERMA and Principal of CRMS.
ERMA will provide a digital letter of invitation to facilitate international participants for visa processing.
ERMA is established as a global learning center for professionals in Enterprise Risk Management.
Furthermore, ERMA promises better careers for professionals worldwide.
In addition, ERMA complies with quality measure and initiatives from federal and state government.
We are very excited to work with SerVarusRM and launch ERMA.
The 3rd edition of RiskView Magazine is free and available for download in ERMA corporate website.