ERMBErythromycin Ribosomal Methylase B
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Intriguingly, the single erythromycin-resistant MSSA strain that displayed the MS phenotype did not show any positive results for the macrolide-resistance genes that were screened by PCR in this study (i.e., ermA, ermB, ermC and msrA) (Table 2).
The erythromycin resistance genes (ermA, ermB, and ermC) were also detected in MRSA and MR-CoNS.
En SAG se han identificado los genes ermA, ermTR y ermB como responsables de altos niveles de resistencia a eritromicina y clindamicina (56), siendo el gen ermB mas comun con relacion a la resistencia a eritromicina en cepas de origen bovino y humano (23, 59).
Paul isolates and harbored mphA and ermB. The median age of the Chicago patients was 35 years (range = 24-53 years).
The resistance is via three related genes, ermA, ermB, and ermC, which produce methylases that alter the targeted ribosome by methylating it.
The ERMB series feature mounting interfaces on each of six sides and can be mounted in any position.
pSAWWU4229_1 contained additional antibiotic drug resistance genes encoding resistance to aminoglycosides (aacA-aphD, aphA, and aadK), as well as macrolides (ermB), tetracyclines (tetS), and streptothricin (sat), all located in the same gene section.
Additionally, the presence of genes encoding tetracycline (tetA, tetB, tetM), erythromycin (ermB) and sulphonamide (sul1) resistance was assessed according to methods used by Peak et al., (6) Knapp et al., (7) Heuer et al., (8) and Borjesson et al.
Tetracycline resistance, mediated by the tetM gene, and the ermB erythromycin resistance gene seem to be the most common [180, 199].