ERMCEuropean Regional Medical Command
ERMCElectrical Rigid Metallic Conduit
ERMCExecutive Risk Management Committee
ERMCEuropean Rubber Manufacturers' Conference
ERMCembedded Remote Management Chip (Agilent)
ERMCEnvironmental Restoration Management Contract
ERMCEastern Region Mail Container
ERMCEnnis Regional Medical Center (Ennis, TX)
ERMCEagle Ridge Management Company (Flint, Michigan)
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Patient encounter data for physicals and sick call visits were culled from a variety of sources, including a password-protected ERMC TH cart reservation calendar for which all TH Encounters in ERMC are documented, and daily printed AHLTA clinic lists from the COREFAC dispensary.
This will allow the companies to fall under these MTFs in the future if it eventually becomes necessary to transfer the WTB--E's functions to the ERMC headquarters.
On the basis of physico-chemical and sensory attributes, ERMC incorporated with 1% FF were adjudged as most acceptable among treatment products and thus, selected as the optimum level for further water activity estimation and microbiological studies.
The flaxseed flour incorporated ERMC showed a significantly lower (p<0.
05) noticed in TPC between control and ERMC incorporated with flaxseed flour except on 10th day of storage period where TPC of the treatment product was comparatively lower (p>0.
Reduction in overall acceptability of control and treatment product might have been due to increase in lipid oxidation, pigment oxidation and degradation of proteins and fats in ERMC with advancement in storage period.