ERMDEmissions Research and Measurement Division (Environmental Technology Centre unit, Canada)
ERMDEngineer Resources Management Division
ERMDEnvironmental Resource Management Division
ERMDEnterprise Risk Management Department
ERMDEdgemont Ranch Metropolitan District (housing association; Durango, CA)
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Dollars Emergency Room Level 5 1,819 Observation (4x) 360 Infusion Therapy 1st hour 446 Infusion Therapy add hour (3x) 462 Emergency Room IV Injection 103 ERMD Fee Compre--HI COMP 275 EKG Tracing Only (ED Only) 193 EKG Physician Interp & Report 70 Sub Total $3,728 Imaging Chest X-Ray 214 CAT Scan Brain w/o contrast 1,646 Sub Total $1,860 Social Services 0 Mobile Crisis Evaluation 0 EMERGENCY ROOM TOTAL $8,912 Cost in U.
The official report confirms all test results included in the preliminary report, and a full copy of Environment Canada's ERMD report entitled "Comparing the Regulated Exhaust Emissions Emitted by a Small Two-Stroke Fire Pump Engine Equipped with an ECC Catalyst" will soon be available on ECC's corporate website (www.
The official technical report is currently being prepared by Environment Canada's ERMD, and will be made available to interested parties within the next three weeks.