ERMESEuropean Radio Message System
ERMESEuropean Radio Messaging System
ERMESEvelyn Richardson Memorial Elementary School (Canada)
ERMESEuropean Multimedia Educational Software (support network)
ERMESEnhanced Roaming Messaging System
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It will also continue to implement its restructuring of the store portfolio in line with plans already outlined to secure a sustainable structure for the long term," said Ermes.
Kornmann, "ER-mitochondria contact sites in yeast: beyond the myths of ERMES," Current Opinion in Cell Biology, vol.
He said: "Colussi Ermes is recognised as the undisputed global leader in the design and production of washing machines for the food, logistics, medical and pharmaceutical industries.
Vendor: Shacolas Group, Ermes Department Stores plc
Recent studies found that the ER membrane is physically tethered to the OMM by the ER-mitochondria encounter structure (ERMES) [101].
In the baptismal records of Ergeme Parish, that survive from 1718 onwards the Manor Ermes Neuhofis first recorded only in 1755 (LVVA 235.
The above simplified formulation has been implemented in an in-house code called ERMES (Electric Regularized Maxwell Equations with Singularities).
A relever qu'ERMES envisage, egalement, d'investir dans le domaine de la videosurveillance...
The photography of acclaimed Iranian film director Abbas Kirostami, Iraqi artist Dia Al Azzawi, Algerian Hamza Bounoua, Libya-born Ali Omar Ermes, Bahraini Jamal Abdul Rahim are among the dozens of Middle Eastern artists represented by Meem.
Borgnine, who was born Ermes Effron Borgnine, was also known for his roles in westerns The Dirty Dozen and The Wild Bunch, and disaster movie The Poseidon Adventure.