ERMIElectronic Resource Management Initiative (Digital Library Federation)
ERMIEmergency Response Massage International (Columbus, NC)
ERMIEnvironmental Risk Management, Inc. (Florida)
ERMIEdge Resource Manager Interface (software)
ERMIElectronic Rights Management Information
ERMIEnvironmental Protection Agency Relative Mold Index
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Cataloging priority, an element defined in the ERMI data dictionary (Jewell et al.
The element "title" in the Tri-College Consortium's ERTS and the element "collection name" in UM's ERCM are the equivalents to the ERMI data dictionary element "electronic resource title", or "ertitle" (Jewell et al.
34); this field corresponds to the ERMI data dictionary element "resource type".
This feature conforms to a principle set forth in the ERMI Report, which is to use standard identifiers, making "it possible to exchange certain kinds of information far more reliably and precisely than at present" (Jewell et al.
In the "organization name" field as defined in the ERMI data dictionary (Jewell et al.
The Mycometrics ERMI has been a highly valuable tool for many practitioners and patients alike in evaluating the potential of ongoing mold exposure in the indoor environment.
It is not uncommon for air sample testing to return negative results in the same environment where an ERMI is highly positive.
Given that it is not readily airborne, air sampling is generally not an effective tool for this particular mold; thus dust sample testing using the ERMI may be a better option.
While mold plates and ERMI testing are often helpful options for evaluating the indoor environment for the presence of mold, they do not consider the people living in the environment and whether they are affected.
On the flipside, ERMI style samples are already being used extensively by some farsighted experts in the environmental health field.
ERMI offers services to the mining, utility, steel, pulp and paper, chemical, environmental, engineering and manufacturing industries and to many government agencies.
Due to the inherent serial nature of e-resources, the DLF ERMI defined ERM development in terms of the life cycle of electronic serials.