ERMMExpert Reviews in Molecular Medicine (Cambridge University Press; UK)
ERMMEnterprise Removable Media Manager (IBM)
ERMMEvent Recorder Memory Module (transportation safety)
ERMMEffective R-Matrix Model
ERMMEnterprise Risk Management Model (business management)
ERMMEnterprise Resilience Management Methodology (various locations)
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A: Yes, ermm, we have the long boots with tucked-in trousers over blouse.
A: Well, ermm, my lord on that particular that the only people who were...
A: Ermm, my lord, I can't confirm from the picture because it is black and white
In light of these difficulties, the ERMM Work Group decided that the questions on disability should be few while still meeting the requirements set forth in the Executive order.
The ERMM Work Group undertook a summary review of existing disability questions and found that little testing had been done on those questions.
We also meditate before every sentence, modifying the Buddhist "Om" to "Ermm ..."
'It's not for me to say, ermm.' 'Lot of personality clashes involved here.'
Aspel's good, ermm, but Wogan and Jonathan Ross are my two doyens of television.
"Do you recall walking in the road singing Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush?" "Ermm..."
And to add insult to injury he suggested that I'd stand a better chance in a, ermm, seamier side of showbiz.