ERMPExtended Range Multi Purpose (UAV)
ERMPEnvironmental Review and Management Programme (Australia)
ERMPEmergency Response Management Plan
ERMPEnterprise Risk Management Program
ERMPEno River Media Productions
ERMPEnvironment and Resource Management Project (Philippines)
ERMPElectronic Records Management Practitioner (AIIM)
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ERMP began by comparing each campus's e-resource subscriptions with two primary goals.
A partir de lo anteriormente expuesto, la presente investigacion se plantea como objetivo esencial realizar un diagnostico estrategico de la cadena de suministros para la recuperacion de plasticos, que permita la deteccion de oportunidades de mejoras que incrementen el desempeno economico y ecologico de la ERMP de Cienfuegos.
2005) (22) se evaluo la efectividad del entrenamiento en ERMP mas visualizacion guiada (GI) para reducir las nauseas y vomitos anticipatorios y las nauseas y vomitos post-quimioterpia en pacientes con cancer de mama midiendo tambien sus efectos sobre la calidad de vida.
However, the scientific research projects did not take into account any evidence of potential ecological connections between these areas, as this had not been directly requested by the EPA to fulfil the requirements of the ERMP.
In addition to his ERMP he has earned his ARM, and his CRM (Certified Risk Manager) and CIC (Certified Insurance Counselor) from the National Alliance, where he's also an instructor for the CRM courses.
The Deputy Secretary of Defense has directed that the Army and Air Force acquire a single air vehicle in lieu of operating both a Predator and ERMP fleet, making all three of the Army's UAS programs joint systems.
IEA offered ERMP 701 for the first time in the fall of last year.
May 2012 - The EPA recommended that the Wiluna Project be approved following its assessment of the ERMP.
Basically an upgraded Predator A, the US Army's 1633-kg General Atomics MQ-1C ERMP (Extended-Range, Multi-Purpose) drone follows the interim Warrior Alpha and Warrior Block 0, and reportedly may be named Gray Eagle.
ERMP is a comprehensive, systematic approach for helping organizations to identify events and to measure, prioritize, and respond to the risks that pose the greatest risk to the critical objectives, initiatives, and day-to-day operating practices of the agency.