ERMPExtended Range Multi Purpose (UAV)
ERMPEnvironmental Review and Management Programme (Australia)
ERMPEmergency Response Management Plan
ERMPEnterprise Risk Management Program
ERMPEno River Media Productions
ERMPEnvironment and Resource Management Project (Philippines)
ERMPElectronic Records Management Practitioner (AIIM)
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However, the scientific research projects did not take into account any evidence of potential ecological connections between these areas, as this had not been directly requested by the EPA to fulfil the requirements of the ERMP.
In addition to his ERMP he has earned his ARM, and his CRM (Certified Risk Manager) and CIC (Certified Insurance Counselor) from the National Alliance, where he's also an instructor for the CRM courses.
The Deputy Secretary of Defense has directed that the Army and Air Force acquire a single air vehicle in lieu of operating both a Predator and ERMP fleet, making all three of the Army's UAS programs joint systems.
The US Army plans to arm its ERMP drone with an (unspecified) anti-radiation missile to attack the ground control stations of enemy drones.
Essentially, ERMP will help to identify and reduce potential mistakes, financial losses, and workplace inefficiencies in the agency along with creating a Web-based risk management solution integrated across several DFAS business areas.
While current UAVs perform mainly reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition, the ERMP also is supposed to carry weapons.
This ERMP requirement is to be fulfilled by the General Atomics Warrior, a 1360-kg Thielert heavy fuel engine version of the Predator-A, with slightly larger 17-metre wings, four weapon pylons with a total capacity of 227 kg and modernised avionics.
The UCAR could end up as the companion to the Comanche or as a division/corps level tactical UAV, known as the extended-range multipurpose aircraft or ERMP.
The Wiluna Project team is now working on the responses and any additional information required for the final ERMP submission which we anticipate will be by mid December 2011.
The common sensor payload, which will eventually equip ERMP and other Army unmanned and manned aircraft, calls for design and development, testing and air vehicle integration of a variant of Raytheon's multi-spectral targeting system.